My name is Alex Del Pierro. I am a professional wildlife photographer who is incredibly passionate about the work I do. I have made it my mission to use my skills as a photographer and artist to capture the wonders, beauty and tragic stories of our planet.

Born in London in 1968, I have since become an internationally acclaimed fine art photographer and one of Europe’s best selling wildlife photographers. I have been lucky enough to travel the world to some of the most remote places, taking photographs along the way. It is an extremely rewarding job to experience such wonders up close, but I also recognise that there is a huge potential to help raise awareness of environmental and geopolitical issues that are having a devastating impact on our planet and wildlife.

Bringing key issues home

This is why I have put much of my focus on wildlife; capturing the beauty of our planet’s cultures and endangered animals through photography. These animals and environments are breath-taking to see up close and with my work I aim to offer audiences a gateway into their world, as well as a real insight into how fragile it is.

Endangered species and habitats is an issue that I feel is of great importance. Despite the fact we live on such an amazing planet full of thousands of different species, there are still so many tragic stories of wildlife being threatened by extinction due to a number of reasons, such as illegal poaching and habitat destruction. Sadly, many of these issues have, and will result in hundreds of species becoming entirely extinct in the future.

A picture of success

Represented by some of the UK’s leading galleries, my work is highly sough-after and well-renowned within the industry. This allows me to use my photography as a platform to increase awareness of endangered species and environmental concerns on our planet, along with funding for the WWF.

I have a long-standing commitment to wildlife conservation and have been working with the WWF for a number of years. With such a great opportunity to capture endangered species, I wanted to put my understandings of key environmental and geopolitical issues to practical use. As such, I work closely with the WWF, donating a percentage of my book and prints sales to the charity, which goes towards raising vital funding for conservational projects.

I am also currently producing a flagship book about endangered species called “Where are they now?”. This publication is specifically focused on some of the world’s most endangered species, featuring work from seven continents.

I believe that the nature of my work is to open people’s eyes to the dangers facing some of our planet’s most iconic and lesser known species. Through the power of photography, I hope to make a difference and help prevent future species from becoming extinct.