Welcome to my Gallery page where you’ll find a wide selection of images captured on various location shoots throughout the world. The projects displayed on this page are some of my most enjoyable and impressive works; capturing the absolute beauty and essence of some amazing species.

Having dedicated my life to wildlife photography, I take great privilege in showcasing my work through exhibitions and on my personal photography website. This not only gives me a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate what I do as a wildlife photographer, but more importantly it gives a unique and personal insight into the awe-inspiring animals living on our planet.

On this page you’ll find a variety of wildlife photographic projects that showcase different subjects – from heart-warming images of a mother giraffe with her young; playful baby leopards; to incredibly rare sightings of a highly endangered snow leopard.

Sadly so many of the animals featured in my work are facing a very real possibility of extinction and are on the world’s most endangered species list. Some of these are more well-known than others, like elephants and rhinoceroses, while others like the giraffe, cheetahs, snow leopard and mountain gorillas are often less known.

I hope these images will bring you great pleasure, but also raise awareness of the bleak future these animals face if we don’t do something to protect them.