I strongly believe that wildlife photography is about more than simply capturing one image. For me it’s about telling a story and bringing the subject to life, whether it’s Lowland Gorilla, bird of prey or an elephant. This is why with all my work I aim to tell the story of the subject matter through the power of photography images.

This approach enables me to not just capture a single moment of a particular animal in their natural habitat, but to contextualise it with additional images give the complete story of animals in a particular moment or environment. For example, with the zebra images, I was able to show the different stages of the mating ritual, from the male flirtation and head rubbing to the final copulation.

I find that the story telling element of wildlife photography is far more powerful and poignant than just capturing one image as it helps audiences to relate to the subjects in their natural surroundings. At the same time it also gives me the opportunity to help raise awareness of many endangered species.