Alex Del Pierro – The Artist

As a wildlife photographer, I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to get so amazingly close to some of the world’s most impressive and endangered animals. However, it isn’t just the experience of getting the photographs that I love, but more the artistry behind it and the stories I am able to tell through the images I capture.

 An incredible journey

Born in London in 1968, my life has taken me far away from this bustling metropolis to travel to some of the farthest and most remote corners of the globe; and what a journey it has been. Having embarked on so many life-changing and inspirational adventure, I have had the unique opportunity to immerse myself in the beauty and nature of our planet, capturing its true essence on film.

Pushing the boundaries

I have laid my focus on photographing endangered animals with fine art photography because raising awareness and facilitating their protection is an issue I value very highly. I use my passion for wildlife preservation to motivate me to go beyond the normal realms of wildlife photography and think outside the box.

For me, the beauty of Mother Nature is in being totally surrounded and submerged in the environment, not just observing them as an outsider. It’s this that allows me to capture some inspirational and heart-warming images of endangered animals in their natural environment.

My methodology

Just like any other artist, I take a methodical approach to the work I do, which ensures I capture the best images of the subject matter; whether it’s a gorilla playing with a stick in the lowlands or a mother giraffe and her baby in the African savannah.

Despite having years of experience in wildlife photography, each location and subject I shoot poses different challenges and motivations, so I start each project with research into the species, climate and any conservation issues they may face. This helps me to conceptualise my approach and find a different way of approaching the subject matter that will bring it to life and tell a compelling story to the audience.

Making a difference

As with all art, it is completely subjective, but this isn’t the most important element for me. What I want to do as an artist is to have a provocative impact, bringing the wildlife into our everyday world, thus we have to acknowledge their fragile existence and do something about it.

I truly believe that the world we live in is a stunning and wondrous place, but everyday with our lifestyle choices and ignorance we are putting our wildlife and environments at risk. This is why I have teamed up with conservation charities such as WWF to help raise valuable funding through the sales of my work and awareness of the fragile existence of earths most endangered species.

All I want to do with my artwork is make a difference and open the population’s eyes to the beautiful world we live in.