While my main passion and focus is with wildlife photography, striving to capture the unadulterated beauty of Mother Nature’s wildlife, there are also situations where this crosses over into videography.

I by no means claim to be a wildlife videographer, as this requires a wide range of specialist equipment beyond a Nikon camera. However, modern technology does allow traditional cameras like mine to also take quality video footage and I find that certain situations, such as a stunning cloud formation or sunrise can be beautifully captured using time-lapse sequences. Time lapse involves taking a series of images over a long period of time, which are then played back as if as one single video sequence over a matter of minutes, rather than hours.

I find this a very effective addition to my wildlife photography where some subject matters require a longer shooting process to document the changes occurring in the environment. Through my videos I hope allows viewers will have a greater emotional and enlightened connection with nature in all its glory.