About WWF

Striving to make a difference

As a wildlife photographer, I am always striving to make meaningful alliances with charity organisations related to wildlife conservation to make a difference. These organisations are working towards a common goal to raise awareness of endangered species and the uncertain future of our natural world, as well as provide education, programmes and funding to help protect and preserve our planet.

This is why I’m immensely proud to have made a long-term commitment to working with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The WWF is the world’s largest conservation organisation with an illustrious history that dates back to 1961. They work tirelessly with communities, conservationists and wildlife experts throughout the world to help secure the future of some of our planet’s most endangered species and environments.

My role as a photographer

Over the years as a wildlife photographer I have gained a unique insight and understanding of the key environmental and geopolitical issues facing our planet, so I felt it was important to use my work as a means to raise awareness and bring these concerns to the forefront.

I do this through my work, capturing unique photographs of endangered animals in their natural habitats all around the world, from the plains in Africa to the rainforests in South America. Although I love what I do and feel incredibly privileged to see these animals up close and give others the chance to see their magnificence and beauty too; most importantly it is about driving home a message to the population. Through my work and support of the WWF, I want people to realise that unless we don’t do something to protect these animals and our environment, it may only be possible to see them in photographs and not in the flesh in the very near future.

In addition to capturing these fantastic endangered species, I am also committed to donating a percentage of the sales revenue from my prints and books to the WWF, which helps provide valuable funding for local and global conservation and education projects and programmes.

An increasing threat

With the world population continuing to rise, there is a ever-present threat to wildlife as humans seek to expand into natural habitats to accommodate more people, but in many cases with the help of organisations like the WWF this can be done harmoniously causing little or not harm to wildlife.

I hope that through my photography and connection with the WWF, together we can have a significant impact on tackling these global issues; educating people along the way on how precious and fragile much of our planet has become, as well as what we can all do to make a positive change.